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Uniform, high-quality produce, year-round availability in high volumes, produced sustainably and according to the strictest environmental standards.

These market demands are challenges that Siberia BV is more than happy to meet. Since early 2016, various varieties of lettuce and other leafy vegetables have been cultivated in a hydroculture system in a greenhouse covering around nine hectares, located in Maasbree, North Limburg. Hydroculture is a system whereby vegetables are grown in biodegradable pots in cultivation gutters.

The entire process - from sowing to harvesting - takes place under controlled conditions, with everything under a single roof. Cultivating under optimal conditions reduces the time needed to grow the crops and lowers the energy costs per product. The plants receive precisely what they need to promote optimal growth. Nothing more and nothing less. The crops can be harvested at any moment of the day - offering flexibility and tailored to suit the specific market demand.


We can guarantee you absolute superior quality at Siberia. All the produce that leaves our company arrives at our customers’ premises as fresh as the moment it was harvested. The entire process from Sowing to harvesting takes place under a single roof at Siberia, under controlled conditions. All these processes comply with the strictest quality standards, and are certified accordingly. Our quality assurance department closely monitors all the processes.

Member of growers’ association Fossa Eugenia

Our produce is marketed by Fossa Eugenia; a growers' association from the 'Euregio' Venlo formed by a group of growers who share the following aim: supplying premium quality produce that meets the demands of critical consumers. Via the shortest possible chain, avoiding any unnecessary links in the process. A winning formula that appeals to growers and customers alike. And with success; Fossa Eugenia is continuing to expand: in the number of growers, the production area and the assortment.