Siberia BV is an innovative enterprise that grows greenhouse vegetables in Maasbree. Since early 2016, Siberia has grown lettuce and leafy vegetables in a gutter cultivation system in a new, hypermodern greenhouse. Its innovative and unique cultivation strategy means that a virtually identical volume of produce can be grown on around nine hectares as on the 90 hectares required for conventionally grown greenhouse lettuce.

The entire process - from planting the seeds to harvesting - takes place under controlled conditions, with everything under a single roof. Cultivating under optimal conditions reduces the time needed to grow the crops and lowers the energy costs per plant. The plants receive precisely what they need to promote optimal growth, with a minimum of energy input. The crops can be harvested at any moment of the day - offering flexibility and tailored to suit the specific market demand. 

Thanks to its innovative cultivation system, Siberia makes Dutch-grown ‘cold’ vegetables available all year round - efficiently and sustainably. Every day, our customers are supplied with freshly picked produce that excels in uniformity, flavour and health-beneficial properties. The produce grown on our site in Maasbree is distributed in bulk to retail chains and wholesalers in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. We stand for quality and flexibility. A promise we deliver with a committed and close-knit team of employees and, of course, with respect for our surroundings and the planet.