Siberia BV embodies the very latest in innovative thinking. In Siberia's nine hectare greenhouse, the seeds are planted in special, biodegradable pots that are placed in cultivation gutters. The seedlings stay in the same pot until they reach maturity. After sowing, the cultivation gutter holding the pots is immediately placed in a germination chamber at the bottom of the greenhouse where the seeds are allowed to germinate. After about two days the gutter is raised so the plants can continue growing in the sunlight - supplemented by LED light. During the growth process the gutters are gradually pushed apart to allow the plants precisely the right amount of space they need to flourish. The gutters automatically move towards the harvesting zone. This process takes about seven weeks to complete, takes place under the same roof and is fully automatic. The only part that requires manual input is harvesting, which is done at a comfortable working height.

The advantages offered by this innovation cultivation system are:

  • The plants are kept ‘happy and contented’ to ensure optimal growth with minimum energy, water and fertiliser input;
  • The whole of the surface area of the greenhouse is utilised optimally; the plants harvested today are immediately replaced by newly sown plants;
  • The leading principles are efficiency and sustainability;
  • Our use of chemical products to control pests and diseases is kept to a minimum;
  • No nitrates are leached to the soil;
  • The cultivation process requires practically no labour;
  • We only harvest what the market needs on any particular day. This prevents over-production;
  • We can grow produce lettuce complete with root ball, so it stays fresh longer;
  • We provide pleasant labour conditions. For example, harvesting is done at working height, in a climate conditioned zone.

Our unique cultivation process was inspired by the market demand for uniform produce, grown sustainably, all year round.