A range of lettuce varieties and leafy greens are cultivated with the utmost efficiency in our nine-hectare greenhouse dedicated to hydroculture. The entire process - from sowing to harvesting - takes place under a single roof. The plants are grown in cultivation gutters, which are gradually pushed apart as growth proceeds to allow the plants precisely the right amount of space they need to flourish. This approach combined with optimal growth conditions at all times, produces uniform yields with high efficiency. The use of chemical products is reduced by 97% compared with traditional, soil-based methods of growing lettuce and leafy vegetables.

The result is clean and pure 100% Dutch produce, available all year round, cultivated sustainably and supplied freshly picked! Some of the crops are packed complete with the root ball so they retain their freshness for days longer.

All our vegetables are marketed by Fossa Eugenia. Our current range comprises lettuce, pak choi, tricolour lettuce and Salanova®. Growing to customer specification is also possible in consultation, and we are happy to adapt our range to suit your needs.