Optimal output and quality with a minimum energy input.

In our ultramodern hydroculture greenhouse we use sustainable cultivation methods to grow several varieties of lettuce and leafy vegetables. The entire process - from sowing to harvesting - takes place under controlled conditions, with everything under a single roof. Cultivating under optimal conditions reduces the time needed to grow the crops. The plants receive precisely what they need to promote optimal growth. Nothing more and nothing less. The crops can be harvested at any moment of the day - offering flexibility and tailored to suit the specific market demand.

Our method of cultivation is unique and exceptional in many aspects:

  • The nine hectare greenhouse is full the whole year round. Each time we harvest a fully grown plant, we sow a new seed the very same day;
  • We harvest precisely what the market needs every day, so we never pick too much unnecessarily;
  • We continually make sure our plants feel ‘happy and contented’, while at the same time minimising our energy consumption. We inspect the plants every day to check if they need any extra heat, light or nutrients. This means that a cultivation cycle in winter takes just one week longer than in summer, even though winter conditions are colder and more overcast. Our strategy enables highly efficient, year-round production;
  • The greenhouse is lit using 100% energy efficient LED lighting. The light spectrum is adapted to suit the plants so that optimal conditions for growth are created.
  • Rainwater that falls onto the roof and surrounding ground is collected and buffered in a natural water reservoir next to the greenhouse. This water is then purified and used to irrigate the plants in the greenhouse;
  • When the plants are still small, they are close together. As they grow, they are given more space to spread. This makes optimal use of the available floor space in the greenhouse, and keeps the energy costs per plant as low as possible;
  • The entire process - from growing to harvesting - takes place under a single roof. As we use an automated system of cultivation gutters, no large agricultural machinery is needed;
  • The entire greenhouse runs on 100% green energy from renewable sources;
  • The lettuce with root ball can be kept for days longer; this prevents wasting food.